My Priorities

Reduce Crime

Resolve the Homeless Crisis

Reward Clean Air Initiatives

About Me

My background

I was born in Utah and I have lived most of my life here. I spent two years in Brazil and a year in Mexico. I speak three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I have traveled and seen many beautiful cities. Salt Lake City remains my favorite.  

My involvement

I have over 20 years of experience working with Utah’s most energy-efficient homebuilder, Garbett Homes. My philosophy of conscious development comes from this experience. In my time with the construction industry I learned how to make complicated issues simple and efficient.   I know how to bring public and private interests together to solve problems. In a humanitarian project in Mexico, I managed the construction efforts—working in tandem with local, state, and federal government—to build over 60 schools in impoverished areas. This combined with present and past efforts, have given over 50,000 students an opportunity to gain an education.  


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Garbett for City Council

273 N East Capitol Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, US

(801) 300-7610


I want to be an accessible council representative for my Capitol Hills, Avenue & Fairpark neighbors. When 

elected I plan to have regular times for you to visit during normal business hours or by appointment.

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  • Implement a no-broken-window policy.
  • Coordinate efforts with police, fire department and other services to crack down on lawlessness 


  • The city needs to be accountable. They need to have a short term and long term plan.
  • Identification requirements. Track who is using services and for how long. A recent survey estimates 56% of the current homeless population in Salt Lake City is from out of State. 
  • There should be some minimum requirement of conduct to obtain entrance to shared shelter: can’t be drunk, can’t be high, must allow for reasonable search of person and possessions to prevent the entrance of weapons or drug paraphernalia from entering the shelter. 
  • Zero tolerance for crime campaign. In our current program, no one is suffering more than the homeless.

Clean Air

  • Reward rather than penalize individuals for net metering.
  • Have incentives for electric cars in order to reduce emissions.
  • Update energy code standards for development.


Add Your Insights

What makes sense to you? Let me know. I believe your experience can help us figure out how to make Salt Lake City a better place to live.